Lumia Fashion Exploration

lumia cover

This Saturday, I will be heading to the Naivasha Fashion Weekend with my friend Nicolette. Wait! This isn’t a post on how much fun I intend to have, although I hope plenty!! Nope, we are on a mission to solely use our Nokia Lumia phones to bring to you our first hand experience during the event – fashion show, exhibitions, tours, and conversations.


A phone to me; is more than a gadget, its an essential aspect of my lifestyle. I use my phone to organize my appointment, plan my days, communicate with friends, create content, and draw inspiration from the fashion industry while on the go. I also read my books on my phone listen to music… bla bla bla! It may seem like I am consumed by my phone, and I won’t argue with you there (coz maybe I am, just a little).

At the event we won’t carry any cameras, amplifiers, gears or gadgets except the Lumia 720 & Lumia 820. All pictures, videos, edits, comments, uploads will be done predominantly on our phones!! Nicolette will be showcasing her black Lumia 820 and I will be rocking a bright yellow Lumia 720.

I have been a long time advocate for the Windows Phone platform ever since my friend introduced it me, and I through this, process will enable us to showcase what a Nokia Windows Phone can do.  I hope that you, will also come to love this phone and platform too.

You can keep up with our shenanigans through the hashtag #NFWLumiaChallenge and #creativeambition on Facebook, Twitter  & Instagram.My handle on instagram is penelopekirui  & Nicolette is Samraboricua13

Until tomorrow,